♥Welcome to Integrative Voice Experience with Hillary Trumpler; a unique and innovative approach to voice training and throat centered energy work.


As a Certified Life Coach and Professional Voice Teacher, sessions with me blend voice technique and sound production with intuitive energetic and holistic coaching practices.  I use my 14 + years of training, performing, and educational experience to help YOU to find your soul voice.  I believe you have expressive gifts that ONLY YOU can bring into the world.

There are many teacher experiences out there and I honor them all.  I want those who are truly in ALIGNMENT with my mission and what I have been called here to do.

Are you the right client for me?

My clients are those who are interested in and open to growth, their holistic & spiritual wellness, and want to discover and cultivate their own TRUE VOICE while fulfilling their own personal goals as an artist. Also, it is imperative to understand that this is a journey and a process; NOT an INSTANT click of a button result.  The voice journey takes time, patience, practice, and the openness and desire to put in the work required.  If this resonates with you, then you are likely a fit to work with me. 

♦ My approach is not one-size-fits-all.  I blend voice instruction, intuitive guidance, and energy coaching addresses and works through blocks that will arise, and assists you in finding your true authentic soul voice through emotional expression. 

♦ I encourage you to explore old and new styles and learn your choice repertoire and embrace a non-traditional out-of-the-box path in music, creativity, and exploring the arts. My unique training in classical voice techniques integrates old and new school principles with modern style and modes of expression to help you uncover the voice within you.

♦ Working with me gives you a wide and safe container to explore and create, and in addition to musical progress, also balances your mind, body, and spiritual connection in your life. 


Due to the nature and current demand of my work, I accept ages 13+ (with parent permission) up to adults. I work with intermediate to advanced musicians up to the professional level.  I do accept beginner level for voice coaching, but it is very helpful to have basics and some background in music. Piano I coach ONLY in tandem with voice and do not take brand new beginners without some musical foundation.  (If you are not sure, inquire anyways and we can get clear if its a good fit.)♥


Why I Offer Something different...

Old school ways, outdated music industry standards, collegiate "training" (while valuable in some ways), and limited belief systems have proven they are not addressing people as whole artists in this progressive and forward thinking modern age for artists and creatives.  Many talented people with so much to share are living in fear or in the shadow of "failure", playing small, the "not good enough myth", are hiding their voice, or are giving up. 

Yet, our souls are longing to create, connect, and share our music.

I know there is another way!

I want you to know that you have not failed the system, but the outdated systems have failed you. We need to bring our music into the world in a new and progressive way.  

I facilitate your connection with YOUR inner truths and what you desire to bring into the world. 

The world needs more artists in touch with their voices, inner gifts, embracing their creative freedom, and living their own creative vision.  I am here to support you!

My work addresses you as a whole being, and stands out from what's out there currently because of my unique spin on merging voice training with holistic & energetic coaching.  I apply new forward ways of thinking, and integrate old and new world approaches to voice to best serve you.   


♥ The voice is the only instrument in the world that is INSIDE the body and the internal voice process is a complex and unique journey in assisting the mind-body connection.  

Learning voice is a labyrinth of discovering and knowing the self on the deepest level.  I am a guide to help you in the process and journey of understanding how ALL aspects of your life, personality, emotions, alignment, and physical body factor into creating your sound, whether in speaking or singing.

  ♥  This process is JOURNEY based spiral staircase and not a quick or result based fix.  I have developed and mastered my teaching style from a very diverse musical background blending old school techniques and new school progressive thinking to create skilled musicians, forward thinkers, and artists in touch with their own gifts and creativity!

    ♥ My apporach facilitates and coaches you reaching your personalized goals in your music, performing, communication, public speaking, and integrated body and emotional wellness. 


ARE YOU LIT UP and READY to dive in deeper?

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