Rates  (3 month commitment is required to book after first session- pricing below based on 4 weeks per month)

$100/90 mins (ages 18+ only @$200/month- scheduled every other week)

$70/ 65 mins (all ages; booked as a once a week spot @$280/month)

$60/ 50 mins (ages 13-17 only; booked as a once a week spot @$240/month)



**Due to the nature of this work, the youngest student age I will take is 13 years old for musical coaching work, with parent permission and some past musical experience.

Primetime spots (2:30-6:00 PM) will ONLY be held in my schedule for those booking weekly.

In studio sessions offered in South Asheville + Skype/Facetime for remote clients

♦ Weekly 65 minute sessions are scheduled for optimal progress and growth.  Sessions are held in weekly spots and in every other week spots for the 90 minute sessions.

♦ To sign up with me, a 3 month commitment is required for me to hold a time slot for you in my calendar divided into 3 monthly payments; I do offer a free 30 minute clarity call prior to sign-up to determine if we are a good fit.  



♥ Holistic Singing- All levels beginner to professional level accepted (ages 13+ ). This type of work includes infusion of voice teaching and coaching elements in working on voice technique, choice repertoire, breath work, somatic body + energy work, tension reduction, sound production, artistic coaching, and emotional expression.  This is for you if you are seeking direction, exploration of your voice, emotional support and encouragement, seeking support to move past creative blocks, desiring tools to bounce back from failure and rejection, or tools to elevate your level and confidence to take your music to the next level and cultivate artistic integrity. I also weave artistic expression through color and art into sessions as needed, to aid in emotional processing.

Musical Styles I coach include classical, sacred, art song, musical theater, contemporary, pop, jazz, rock, folk, mantra/chant, electronica, singer-songwriter, & creative songwriting.


♥ Holistic Singing with Piano -  (booked as 65 minute sessions for dual subject) All levels of voice and intermediate to advanced piano level (ages 13+ ). This type of lesson is like holistic voice coaching above but with piano instruction in addition. This session is for those who have piano basics down and are wanting to work on chords and self-accompanying their voice on piano, or who are writing/creating/recording their own music. I assist in the songwriting process as well if you are working on original material and include chord theory, circle of 5ths, and instruction in understanding chord relationships.

Musical Styles I coach include classical, sacred, art song, musical theater, contemporary, pop, jazz, rock, folk, mantra/chant, electronica, singer-songwriter, & creative songwriting.


♥ Public Speaking + Coaching-  (Adults 18+)

Coaching provides you the confidential support to get clear in your life. Are you seeking to find and express your true voice or speaking voice?  Are you dealing with nerves and anxiety around public speaking and leadership or dealing with emotional blocks in expressing your voice? Are you seeking healing work to move past blocks and traumas?

If so, Simply Coaching is for you.  As a Certified Life Coach, I provide a safe container to unwind, untangle, and unweave issues and blocks, while assisting you to set and actualize your goals with action steps. I infuse breath + energy work, and other methods of connecting to your voice and higher self.  WE ARE NOT MEANT TO DO IT ALONE AND NEED SUPPORT!


Sharing Opportunities

I offer specialized and tailored performance opportunities including formal venue recitals, informal recitals, and studio classes tailored to your needs. I coordinate performance events 2-3 times a year. Performances are of course optional based on the type of service you receive, but are available to those who would like them. Many students also engage in other performance venues or groups outside of the studio, and are encouraged to additionally create their own opportunities. (examples are forming bands or duos, doing recording, joining ensembles, choir, church music, ACT Community Theater, leading classes or workshops, poetry readings, busking, band performances, etc.....)