A Question that I am asked often is "what are your clients doing in their lives as a result of working with you?" 

♦ It is my greatest joy to see my clients out in the world living their dreams, creating and following their passions, and sharing their voices in ways that feel fulfilling to them!

Musical Accomplishments:

  ♪♫ Colleges attended for Music/ Vocal Arts:  Student acceptances + Scholarships received to Berklee, SUNY Fredonia, UNC Asheville, UNC Greensboro, + Florida Atlantic University.

 ♪♫  Middle + High School Aged students involved in Honor's Chorus, leads in their school plays and musicals, and active in church music.

 ♪♫  Audition packages coached for students later accepted into Master's Degree Programs in Voice Performance/Pedagogy at Belmont University and University at Buffalo.  Both students received merit based scholarships as well.  

 ♪♫  Adult Vocalists are professionally recording, in bands, touring, busking, performing at local breweries + music venues, performing in community-based musical theater productions, leading church worship, singing characters in princess balls/parties, and doing outreach events.

 ♪♫  A collegiate level musical theater students recently moved to Los Angeles + is working there in the industry of film + musical theater.  (This client was receiving supplementary instruction outside of our sessions in acting + film.)

Vocal Coaching Results:

∞  Coaching clients who did job interview prep with me and were so confident in their delivery and skills, they ended up landing multiple job offers directly after our sessions!

∞ Many of my coaching clients are professionals in helping and caregiving professions as therapists, art therapists, psychotherapists, coaches, occupational therapists, teachers, nurses, working moms, and music teachers. I support their showing up first for themselves with their voices and creative selves in order to give to others from a filled up well to have a greater impact in their work with further reach to their clientele.

∞  One of my Coaching clients was leading presentations for his company and was in charge of training new hires around the country.  He came to me for help with anxiety and panic attacks around public speaking (and frequent blackouts he would have from nerves) to gain confidence and tools in how to lead group trainings.  After just a few months of coaching together, his boss took notice of the improvements in his public speaking confidence, and he was promoted to an even higher position within his company to do higher level work, was relocated, and received an $8/hr. raise added to his current hourly rate.  (Wow! I just love this story and sharing his success which reached beyond our wildest dreams.)

∞  Women I coach are launching businesses as entrepreneurs, leading classes in small and large groups, teaching, leading workshops and seminars, speaking at women's retreats, and finding new ways to create and fulfill their lifelong dreams and desires.