As I was going for my morning walk in the woods, the memory of time spent with Hillary in sessions arose in my thoughts. I felt much gratitude for her gentle and playful encouragement for me to be open to explore my voice and connect it with my feelings and my body. Such a gift!”— Randy J., Asheville, NC (2020)

"I did not fully understand what holistic voice teaching could look like until I started working with Hillary.  After receiving a BA in Vocal Performance and singing semi-professionally for 10 years, I still found myself having some internal blocks around performing as a career and found it difficult to get momentum in the field, despite the sporadic successes I had. I didn’t have a clear sense of my authentic voice and what I wanted to do with it.  When I first started studying with Hillary after years of professional starts and stops, I realized she was able to offer more than just a technical voice lesson. She skillfully asks guiding questions about mind-body blockages I would experience around not just singing, but also other relevant areas of my life: in essence, a voice teacher, healer and life-coach all in one. Her vocal teaching is sound, practical and grounded, and can quite literally shift your own relationship to your singing body. With Hillary I am able to experience the joys of classical training while also staying true to my authentic voice, both sonically and spiritually. She has a profound gift to hold space for any state of being while teaching about the vocal instrument. I’m so grateful to have found such a unique teacher."  --Anna S., Asheville, NC (2020)

 "Hillary really helped me realize what I need to work on as a vocalist and performer.  In sessions, I found through Hillary's guidance the importance of self-connection when performing, and how to connect with myself and my voice.  If you are wanting to sing fully and perform, like me, Hillary has the ability to help you to do so." --Joey M., Asheville, NC (2020)

 “Lessons with Hillary move beyond just practicing music. What started out as just singing lessons have become learning the piano, and life coaching as well. For the past 6 years, my weekly lessons with Hillary have offered an escape from the rest of the week, they always leave me feeling refreshed and looking forward to the next lesson. From auditioning for school musicals, joining an a capella group and performing in recitals to selling my artwork, and applying for college Hillary has helped me through it all. I’ve learned how to become more confident in my abilities and be comfortable with who I am. She is beyond kind, respectful, and has great intuition towards her students' needs. Her willingness to work around schedules makes it easy to find time for lessons. I never could have imagined all the wonderful things that have come from knowing Hillary. She is incredibly gifted and amazing at her job. Hillary’s studio is the best place for anyone who is looking for a safe, and practical place to grow creatively."-- Sarah G., Asheville, NC (2020) 

 "Hillary is a wonderful coach in playing piano, learning to accompany, and developing my singing voice. Her greatest gift to me has been the gift of confidence, which is critical for any performance skill. She was very flexible in setting times for my lessons and each lesson was both informative and enjoyable. I highly recommend her." -- Leslie T., Weaverville, NC (2020) 

 "Hillary has incredible empathy and intuition. Highly recommend!" -- Kylie I., Asheville, NC

 "Having sung in church choirs all my life, I didn’t know what to expect when I signed on for voice lessons with Hillary. I had never sung solo in front of anyone. Hillary has helped me to find not only my voice as a singer but also as a retired lady after having a career and caregiving for my mom and my sister. Hillary has brought out the youthfulness in my voice. Her holistic approach to vocal studies is intuitive. She is gifted at diagnosing and correcting the physical aspects of singing. Her methods foster creativity in music and offer creative solutions to whatever may inhibit not only the singing voice but also one’s personal voice. As a coach, Hillary has equipped me with tools that reach beyond the voice lessons. After four years, we continue to have breakthroughs and I continue to improve. I believe “Dr. Hillary” (as I call her) can bring joy to anyone who loves to sing!" --Debbie G., Weaverville, NC (2020)

 "Hillary is one in a million. She's knowledgeable, thorough, and cares about her clients and their progress. She meets you where you are, and is very encouraging. She will help you play to your strengths, and improve where needed. I learned so much from her, both the technical as well as the intuitive aspects of singing and performing."-- Colleen H., Asheville, NC (2019)

 "Hillary is the best voice teacher I’ve ever had—and I mean that. Not only has she helped me to grow A LOT as a singer but also as a person and artist. In every session we work on my repertoire, and audition process, but she also prepared me with a mindset. She’s helped me to gather the courage to move to Los Angeles and pursue my dreams of becoming an actor. Hillary gave me the tools to get rid of tension in my throat, jaw, and underneath my tongue.  She helped me to sing better but also to sing with less pain and more ease. Hillary makes sure that no matter what you are doing in her lessons that your time with her is used wisely. I always walked out of every session feeling happy, accomplished, and ready to take on the world. She still has a huge impact on my life.  I believe that Hillary is the best vocal and life coach for thousands of miles." --Lindsay B., Los Angeles, CA + Sylva, NC (2019)

"I came to Hillary for voice lessons and asked her to help me "find my voice". Little did I know that it would turn into a much wider range of exploration of that request. She provided a safe and nurturing environment for me to explore my past and present emotionally. I have come out the other side stronger and refreshed. I have learned to be more assertive, set healthy boundaries and stand in my own power and glory. I would not have gotten to this point without Hillary's guidance. She is wonderful and I recommend her highly!"  --Courtney M., Asheville, NC (2019)

"Ms. Hillary is very well educated in classical music. I have learned classical sing for two years with different teachers. I have to say that I made great improvements after I work with Ms. Hillary. She is very sweet, kind; always put her students needs first. She is also a very organized person which I like very much. If you are looking for music teacher, Ms. Hillary would be the best choice." --Jie Z., Asheville, NC (2019)


"Hillary is a top notch voice coach. Both our daughters study under her. She is professional and personable all while delivering quality instruction. She works with us to reschedule when needed. We consider her a friend and will stay with her as long as we are able and welcome. We highly recommend Hillary for voice as well as piano instruction." -- Gena S., Asheville, NC


"We love Hillary’s dedication to the art of piano and her gentle nurturing teaching style. She is so amazing and through the years we have seen so much progress! We love the recitals and how much thought and care is always taken to make sure everyone gets a great group of songs to showcase." -- Ashley R., Asheville, NC  (2018)


"She's great! Hillary is attentive, thoughtful, encouraging and very talented." -- Katherine R., Asheville, NC (2018)


"Hillary is an excellent vocal coach. Not only does she have the technique, she also has the heart. Music is a deeply personal endeavor and Hillary finds a way to tap into your personality so that each lesson is tailored specifically to your needs. Her lessons are practical, technical, and always fun!" --Lauren G., Asheville, NC (2018)


"I was a voice student of Hillary Trumpler during my time in Asheville. Hillary was an excellent teacher, and perfect for me. As a 70-year-old who had never had voice lessons, I had a lot of things to learn, and it was obvious that Hillary was really skilled in teaching those things. She worked with my muscle control, breathing, song tone and strength, accent (in foreign songs), and so on. In each aspect it was obvious that she had the background and skill to teach effectively. Besides all of that, it was a pleasure to work with her. She’s very patient and affirming, and was very obviously invested in both improving my skills, and in helping me enjoy singing. I’d recommend Hillary Trumpler as a voice teacher without reservation."-- Josh F., Jacksonville, FL + Asheville, NC (2017)


"Hillary is a joy to work with and a great teacher. Singing in front of someone for the first time, especially as a beginner, can be an embarrassing experience, but Hillary does a great job of making the environment friendly and relaxing. Her instructions and explanations are clear and easy to understand but still thorough. I have never left without knowing more about vocal technique and excited for the next lesson."-- Ben L., Asheville, NC (2017)


"She is a great instructor! She is warm, knowledgeable and her experience let me expand my range and able to reach a new level as a performer. Her instruction was not only focused on the vocal side but the acting as well which helped me learn how to develop and well rounded performance and taught me more about discipline." -- Carmen C., Miami, FL (2016)